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(Loup y es-tu?)

Feature film in development (adaptation of the short film “Loup y es-tu?)
Genre: confined thriller, horror, home invasion

"It's a story about violence against women in wartime,
about survival and about doing whatever it takes to protect your family.”

Director: Julie Rohart
Script: Julie Rohart


In an isolated french village where women are left alone while men are at war, an evil creature from the woods comes to terrify the inhabitants at night. Hélène, a young mother consumed by guilt, battles her own demons and joins forces with other women of the village to fight the dark and sinister force that invades their home...


Here comes the wolf was born from the desire to talk about the active role played by women during the Second World War. It is about the horrors done to women in wartime, their place often being questioned in society. Women found themselves alone, isolated, but they acted much more than we are led to believe in our history books... It's a story about violence, survival and doing whatever it takes to protect your family.


Feature film in development
Genre: road movie, thriller

Director: Julie Rohart
Script: Gautier Babe
Original Idea: Yoann Luis

Production: Block 8 Production


Accompanied by his deaf mother, Carvin, a dreamy and creative teenager, embarks on a road trip across Canada to win a sculpture contest. The trip would go smoothly if Carvin didn’t keep a secret from his mother: he wants to take advantage of the trip to unravel the mystery surrounding his father’s disappearance. His investigation will lead him to discover the troubled relationship that his father had with a young singer, Sweet Dolly. But the past does not stir without consequences and the duo will risk losing the contest… and their lives.


Sweet Dolly was born from the desire to offer quality entertainment cinema, combining great spectacle and authorial ambition. At once an initiation story, an offbeat road movie and a genre film about the genre, this story is unlike any other production.


Film éligible au César du meilleur film de court métrage 2022

Short Film / Court métrage 20 minutes
Thriller - Horror
Production: Marcel Films, CALLIZ 2021

Cast: Alyzée Lalande, Anaïs Parelló, Alexis Loizon, Antoine Berry Roger, Florence Monge, Vincent Launay-Franceshini

Sarah, une jeune fille juive, s'enfuit dans les bois avec son amie Anna. Elles retrouveront le reste de la famille demain à la gare, à l'heure précise à laquelle son père lui a donné rendez-vous. Mais la fuite se transforme rapidement en chasse nocturne. Fatiguées et blessées, elles acceptent l’hospitalité d’une vieille dame qui leur propose un lit et un bon repas.

Rapidement, Sarah réalise qu’elles ne sont pas le seules invitées de l’auberge...

Sarah, a young Jewish girl, runs off into the woods with her friend Anna. They will meet the rest of the family tomorrow at the train station, at the precise time her father has given her the appointment. Unfortunately, the escape quickly turns into a night chase. Tired and wounded, they accept the hospitality of an old woman who offers them a bed and a good meal. Soon, Sarah realizes that they are not the only guests of the inn...

🏆 Winner Best Horror Film at the Montreal Independent Film Festival 2021
🏆 Winner Best Short Film at the WeMakeMovies  Film Festival Los Angeles 2021
🏆🏆🏆  Winner Best  Short , Best Director and Best Cinematography at the Festival du Film Fantastique de France 2021
🏆 Winner Best European Short at the London Short Film Festival Spring 2021
🏆 Winner Best Female Performance - Alyzée Lalande - at the London Short Film Festival Spring 2021
🏆 Winner Best International Narrative Short at the New York Cinema Awards 2021
🏆 Winner Best French Short at the Paris International Short Festival 2021
🏆 Winner Best Thriller at the VENICE SHORTS Film Awards 2021
🏆 Winner Best Director at the Seoul WebFest Festival 2021
🏆 Winner Best Horror at the ONYKO Film Awards 2021
🥇FINALIST Hollywood International Golden Age Festival 2021
🥇Sélection Officielle au Festival du Film Fantastique de France 2021
🥇Sélection Officielle au Festival de l’horreur 2021
🥇Official Selection BIFAN Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2021
🥇Official Selection We Make Movies International Film Festival 2021
🥇Official Selection Horror Film Awards 2021
🥇Official Selection African International Film Festival 2021
🥇Official Selection Seoul WebFest Festival 2021
📺 SÉLECTION OFFICIELLE FREAKS ON - la première plateforme SVOD dédiée à l’horreur, l’épouvante et au thriller.


"Mais comment ils font dans les films?"

(Very) Short - Comedy
Production: NETFLIX 2022
Avec Morgane Cadignan, Jonathan Lambert, Clara Runaway

Production Netflix France, Coraline Servais
Production exe: Gozulting
Directrice de prod: Lison Cerdan
Concept: Clarisse Monnot, Coraline Servais
Réalisatrice Julie Rohart
DoP: Thomas Lopez
1er assistant cam: Nicolas Traitran
1er assistant real: Ghislain Delbecq
Make Up: Laura Colas
Montage Pierre Debrouwer
Etalonnage: Pierre-Loys Joubert
Ingé son: Arthur Meyer
Mix son: Manue Lormel
Chef déco: Dorianne Hugues

Ecrit et réalisé par Julie Rohart
Wonder Woman: Sophie de Fürst

en développement


Short Film / Scene workshop
Drama - Romance
Production: Pancakes& Films

Cast: Rafaëlle Cohen, David Sollazzo


(kitchen scene)